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In healthcare, nurses hold an incredibly esteemed and vital role—and the admirable qualities of a nurse do not go unrecognized. In fact, Americans have ranked nursing professionals as the most honest and ethical professionals for over 20 years.1

有许多不同的 types of nurses and becoming a registered nurse (RN) is considered the entryway to the world of nursing. To earn this title, 你需要理解教育, legal, 以及在医疗保健行业开始这一宝贵职业的专业要求. This guide will walk you through to what is required to become an RN and explain the exact steps to become a nurse in Arizona.

First—What is an RN?

A registered nurse is a state-credentialed medical professional responsible for delivering and coordinating patient care alongside other team members. 从医院到学校, registered nurses work in different settings and encounter patients of various backgrounds and health conditions.

取决于他们的训练和专业, 注册护士也可以专攻某些医学领域, including oncology, geriatrics, ICU care, or more. 然而,几乎所有注册护士都知道并执行相同的通用规则 nursing skills, including:2

  • 评估患者状况、病史和症状变化
  • 观察和记录病人的症状和进展
  • 用药和治疗
  • 治疗和消毒伤口
  • 操作医疗器械和设备
  • 执行诊断测试并分析测试结果
  • 就护理计划与患者及家属沟通
  • 解释家庭治疗或术后护理程序


现在的问题是:如何成为注册护士? 无论你是本地医生还是外地医生, every nurse must complete the same state nurse requirements during their RN program. These steps include:

  • 完成一个有效的护理学位(i.e.(护理学学士、硕士或博士学位) 
  • 通过全国理事会执照考试(NCLEX) 
  • 申请并获得亚利桑那州护理执照

Despite these standards, every path toward a nursing career looks slightly different. 如果你准备从事护理工作, begin with these three steps to become a registered nurse in the Grand Canyon State.

1 .获得护理学位

教育是每一个医疗保健专业的支柱,包括护理. That’s why every state government will require that you earn a nursing degree to become an RN. 没有获得认可机构的学位, you cannot qualify for a state’s licensure exam and will never legally practice in the healthcare industry.3

每个护理教育项目在课程和内容上都略有不同. 然而,一个典型的护理项目通常包括以下科目:4

  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology
  • Psychology
  • Gerontology
  • Women and infant health
  • Ethics
  • 临床理论与研究
  • Care transitions

However, you can actually earn a few different types of degrees to qualify as a registered nurse—and the subjects a given program covers (and their level of rigor or extensiveness) may also vary according to the education level it provides. 这取决于你以前的教育, current degrees, and career goals, 你可以选择以下任何一种成为亚利桑那州的注册护士:5

  • 护理学副学士(ADN) – This two-year degree program prepares nursing students to become registered nurses through classroom instruction and hands-on clinical experience.
  • 护理学理学士 -接受更全面的教育, BSN是一个提供护理理论课程的四年制学位课程, research, leadership, and clinical experience. Typically, BSN计划为护理学生准备更多的管理职位, 就像护士长一样. 
  • 护理学硕士(MSN) – For BSN degree holders, 获得护理学硕士学位是一个加深教育的机会, 通常持续两年. MSN项目可以打开更多的护理工作机会, 比如教育角色或专门的工作. 
  • 护理学直接入学硕士 -也称为浸入式课程或直接入学课程, this type of master’s degree is built for individuals who already hold a bachelor's degree in non-nursing subjects. 通常情况下,msn直接入学学位需要大约两到三年的时间才能完成.

Before applying to any of these programs, make sure that you meet their qualifications. 每个课程都要求你持有高中文凭或GED才能入学. Additionally, most nursing programs will ask you to meet academic standards which may include:6

  • 一年高中生物成绩C或C以上
  • 一年高中化学成绩C或C以上
  • 两年的大学预科数学成绩在C以上
  • 有足够的GPA成绩(一般在2分以上).75)
  • 足够的标准化考试成绩(SAT, ACT,或tea)

#2 Pass the NCLEX Exam

一旦你从一个合格的护理项目毕业, you’ve completed the largest portion of your timeline toward your registered nursing journey. Now, it’s time to take the next step—taking and successfully passing the National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses (NCLEX).

The NCLEX is a national test required 所有护理专业的学生都可以成为注册护士,不论地点. This exam asks students to demonstrate their understanding of nursing to earn their RN licensure from a state government. However, don’t panic if you don’t pass—Arizona allows all nursing students to take the test as many times as they need to pass (although extra fees may apply).7

亚利桑那州护理委员会(AZBN)目前负责该州的NCLEX考试. 你可以在毕业前两个月报名参加考试, you can only take the NCLEX once your nursing degree is posted and approved (usually four to six weeks after graduation). 作为你的州执照申请的一部分(第三步), covered below), 你可以通过以下步骤来准备NCLEX考试:8

  1. 准备所需的信息并开始在线申请.
  2. 在你毕业后的两年内将你的申请寄到AZBN.
  3. Register with NCSBN 参加考试(需要200美元的申请费).
  4. 要求将学校成绩单发送到AZBN.
  5. 完成国家背景调查.
  6. 一旦批准,选择您想要的测试日期.
  7. 根据需要,可在以下两种情况下申请临时license:
    Your fingerprints are rejected and you have already passed the NCLEX; or
    If it has been more than two years since you graduated and a refresher course is required

那么,你怎么知道你通过了? NCLEX考试是一个及格/不及格的测试,基本logit分数为0.00. 虽然logit分数可能不熟悉和令人困惑, 它们相当简单:任何正确的答案都会使你的分数超过零分, 而错误的答案将使你的得分低于零分.9 If your final score is -.18或更高,你就通过了.10



如果你通过了NCLEX考试, then congratulations—you’re one step closer to becoming a registered nurse in Arizona!

如前所述,注册护士必须在他们执业的州获得执照. However, 有几种不同的方法可以申请并获得护理执照, particularly in Arizona. The Arizona Board of Nursing requires the following processes for each type of applicant:12

  • 考试发牌 – If you have no prior RN license in any state or hold a license in a non-Compact state (see below), 那么你必须在亚利桑那州通过考试申请. 这意味着学生必须提供足够的护理学位(附成绩单)。, pass the NCLEX, 通过犯罪背景调查(包括指纹卡), 确认公民身份,以获得亚利桑那州的注册护士执照.13
  • 签注牌照 -如果你已经在亚利桑那州以外的其他州持有注册护士执照, you may be qualified to practice—all thanks to the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC). This compact between certain states allows RNs to fast-track their way to multi-licensure. 只要你符合所有考试执照的资格, 持有美国社会安全号码, 并得到州委员会的批准, 你可以获得亚利桑那州注册护士执照. However, Arizona must be your Primary State of Residence to apply for licensure by endorsement. 
  • Licensure by Renewal 在亚利桑那州,注册护士执照每四年过期一次.14 To renew your license, 在过去的五年里,你至少练习了960个小时, graduated from a nursing program or advanced nursing degree in the last five years, 或在过去五年内修毕获本署认可的进修课程. 否则,您必须通过考试完全重新开始许可程序.



你可能听过护士讲夜班的故事, difficult patient cases, and work stress. However, there’s no question that nursing can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling career, despite its challenges. For many aspiring nurses, the reasons to continue pursuing this career path include:15

  • Positive impact – Having the ability to positively impact (and even potentially save) a person’s life is a unique opportunity that can be hugely rewarding. 
  • Flexibility -虽然护士工作时间很长, 医院护士通常每周只工作三天, 给他们足够的时间来恢复, 和你爱的人交往, 或者在休息时间追求自己的爱好. 
  • 专业化的机会 -一些护理专业包括心脏护理, dermatology, forensics, toxicology, and ambulatory care. 
  • Subject matter -对生理学等话题感兴趣的人, biochemistry, microbiology, 药理学将学习更多关于这些(和相关)学科的知识.


Nursing is more than a career—it’s a calling to help others lead better and healthier lives. 为了响应这一号召,你的护理之路始于教育. 在阿连特国际大学, our bachelor of science in nursing and master of science in nursing direct entry programs give students across educational backgrounds the collegiate nursing education needed to pursue a career in nursing.

无论你是希望在公立学校还是医院实习, our expert staff are ready to help you achieve your educational goals as an aspiring nurse so that one day, 作为一名注册护士,你可以实现你的职业目标.

了解更多beat365手机版官方网站护理项目的信息 护理与健康科学学院 today.


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